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Being an executor or administrator for a probate estate is a full time job that is time consuming, requires intensive record keeping...and even with an attorney, comes with great liability.

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"I was sick of losing sleep about all I had to do (going to the bank, completing the court paperwork, maintaining the property and handling my brothers and sisters!). Often times I would worry about forgetting something because I was trying to keep up at work, take care of my family, and handle the probate estate as best as I could.  

I realized that although helpful, my attorney was not going to do everything for me. So this eBook was my go to resource when I got the job of handling my parents probate estate."

- R Durazo, Probate Estate Executor
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As Well As These 7 Additional Bonus Resources...
Your 7 Bonus Resources...
Probate Timeline
Confidently know what to expect while avoiding time-wasting and costly surprises.
Estate Executor’s and Administrator’s Duties During the Probate Process
“Top 10” Executors and Administrators duties and responsibilities guide.
Probate Glossary of Terms
Your cheat sheet to navigate the piles of legal documents.
How to Build Your Team of Pros
Don’t do all this alone! Find a team of pros and put them to work for you (not to worry, we have the golden list of the best service providers in your area!!!).
Special Report: Going Through Probate for the Inexperienced
Discover if and when selling a probate property makes sense.
Free Probate Property Analysis
Don’t gamble with one opinion. Too many executors and administrators lose thousands of dollars for the estate when selling probate property.  
Personal Property Inventory and Appraisal Form
Not only does it feel good to be organized and have clarity about the personal property in the estate...this document leaves no room for error or misunderstanding.
Why Gamble With Your Time And Health Doing It The Hard Way?
...And don’t be surprised when your probate attorney says that they wish all their clients knew how to settle a probate estate as well as you do!
There are 7 BIG mistakes most administrators and executors make while going through probate... Learn what they are AND how to avoid them in less than 10 minutes.
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